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  • Learn the secrets the Insurance Companies do not want you to know!

    Up until now the only option has been to get a Solicitor on board or listen to the call centre the Injuries Board operate but we know they want you out of the system in 6 to 9 months to save money for Insurance Companies.

    In this comprehensive guide I will fill you in on the secrets the Insurance Companies do not want you to know,it will give your claim the best chance of success.

    Successfully compare offers from Insurance Companies and Assessments from the Injuries Board.

    Benefit from my experience to master a perfect settlement.

    Most legal books cost upwards of €100. The information in this book is worth thousands of Euros when assessing the value of a claim.


  • Fast Track Checklist !

    All the forms and letters used in the system are included  to guide you through the process.
    It gives a 20 Question Checklist to help you decide whether you accept an Injuries Board offer.
    It gives you insider tips to guide you if you press on with Court proceedings.
    It explains legal costs clearly explaining the unfairness of innocent parties having to pay their own costs.
    It goes through when you need to go to medical examinations and when you can ignore them.
    Children’s cases are covered and the procedure for recovering maximum costs from Defendants is explained.
    If you use the Compensation Calculator on the Injuries Board website how do you know how much the claim is worth?e.g. Neck Injuries valued between €0-€ 78400.00: which value is applicable?

  • Use this proven formula for your success!

    This book reveals the standard letters used for a claim and the time limits applied by the Injuries Board.

    This book is “Jam Packed” with 80 pages of amazing never before revealed facts on compensation claims.

    It covers the common mistakes people make in lodging their own injury claims.

    It gives you a proven checklist to find out when to settle and when to follow on with court action.

    This book reveals the number one mistake claimants make which can cost them their entitlement.

    Now you can boost your compensation using the formula in this book and follow a proven strategy for your success.

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I bought this book during my final year of my business and legal degree for a project on the Injuries Board. The book is quite helpful in simplifying the whole process for the average person, however I found Monahan’s outline on some of the main disadvantages of the Injuries Board very interesting – For example, the Board was set up to reduce litigation costs, but about 96% of the claims lodged are by solicitors on behalf of claimants, thus defeating one of its sole purposes.

The Board will also not reimburse the expense of a second medical report where the claimant requires updated advice on their injuries. Most healthcare professionals will recommend a review of an injury after 6-9 months to see how the injury will settle in the long term. However the Injuries Board rarely allow the reimbursement of this cost and they give no explanation as to why they don’t reimburse.

Overall I think the book was a savvy insight into how the Board works and what to look out for when submitting a claim.
This book will provide you with the info you wont find on the PIAB website i.e. a critical insight into the Board itself.

- ”Michelle, ”Law
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